Silver City Bound is releasing an EP called "Take My Picture" on March 4th. It's a project we started well over a year ago, and we couldn't be more excited (and nervous) to put it out into the world. We've been a band now for about five years. As working musicians in NYC, we've had some real successes and some real challenges. The songs on this EP are all about those experiences: dreams and nightmares, fantasies, frustrations, love and unquenchable thirst. 

We believe in these songs. Now, all we want to do is share the record with the world. When "Take My Picture" is released—31 days from now to be exact—our goal is to share it with as many people people as possible. How are we going to do that? Well, we're improvising. But not without a plan.

We've decided to start a blog to keep track of our progress along the way. We figured that if you like our music, you might be sorta interested in the Kafkaesque business of independently releasing a record in 2016 A.D. Maybe you'll even have some suggestions for us as we go along! 

You may be thinking, this sounds a lot like the podcasts Serial or StartUp. You're right. We may be obsessed with old American roots music, but that doesn't mean we're going to release this record on wax cylinder and take out ads in the Farmer's Almanac to promote it. 

We're going to try to be transparent and lively in our documentation of this process. Over the next few weeks we'll be setting up a pre-order campaign, looking at distribution and licensing agreements, writing and scheduling social media posts, premiering tracks and music videos, finalizing pricing, having rehearsals, and planning our EP release concert. Justin and I will be dividing up most of the work and my wife, Claire, is going to be helping out, too.

Today (Tuesday) we're going to be rehearsing for our big show at Dizzy's tomorrow (Wednesday) night with Sammy Miller and the Congregation. (Still a few tickets left here.) And tomorrow we're going to be sharing a really exciting preview of things to come, so don't go away. 

Now, let's take some time to explore the extraordinary abilities of the North American ground hog.