Just a short blog post tonight. We're very excited to share with you premieres of two more tracks from the EP. 

Last Thursday, Pop Matters premiered our new version of "I Wanna Get Drunk." (New because we recorded it about four years ago on The Tres Amigos's first CD). "New York’s Silver City Bound play a fun, eclectic brand of Americana that blends in folk, zydeco and a bit of indie rock. You know you can rarely go wrong when there’s an accordion involved."

Not true. You can often go wrong when there's an accordion involved. But when you've got three accordion tracks layered on top of each other and running through different analogue phasers and swirly effects, you are definitely doing something right.


Yesterday, Elmore Magazine, whose tagline is "Saving American music," posted a premier of "Peacockin'" and gave us a really nice quote: "Evoking the sounds of Graceland-era Paul Simon, Los Lobos and Gram Parsons, New York based Silver City Bound (formerly The Amigos) melds genres of the Americana musical vernacular in hopes of bringing it all back home and down somewhere to cut the rug. With a sound driven by a jarringly poignant accordion and a howling electric guitar, Silver City Bound is provides the perfect soundtrack for roadtripping or simply having a few pals over while making up for lost time."

Elmore Magazine has covered a number of our concerts in the pasts and we were happy to give their readers a first listen to one of our tracks.


For those of you who have never released a record before, you may be wondering, what the hell is a premier?? A premier basically means granting a certain online publication the opportunity to post a song from an upcoming album before the full album is released. Theoretically, it creates some hype for the full album release.

In the case of our EP, we decided to work with a publicist named Nick Loss-Eaton to help us secure a series of premiers. Since our goal with Take My Picture is to introduce the band to as many new listeners as possible in the Americana market, we are hoping that by releasing the music in this stepwise fashion, it will actually build anticipation for the big day.

That's all for now. March 4th is just about a week away and we have some big news to share soon so stay tuned!